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We offer our customers a sandbox environment so that they’re able to practice creating and reviewing applicant profiles in addition to building their verification process without any impact on their integration and expense.*

Accordingly, there are two views available to everyone: the production view (where real checks are conducted) and the sandbox view.

Sandboх view is a kind of test mode where you may not conduct any real checks and you are the only person that can approve or decline applicants.

Production view is the mode for performing real checks where applicants are approved and declined by Sumsub or your operators.

In the production view, the administrator can see applicants, API keys, webhooks, and all the settings needed for real checks. Administrators in the sandbox view have the same options but aren’t able to conduct any real checks.


Why and When Should You Use the Sandbox Environment?

Simply put, the sandbox environment lets you access most of Sumsub’s functionalities in the test mode. You can use this opportunity to:

  • Train your support team, compliance officers, and operators to perform test checks on test applicants for free;

  • Check out how app tokens, webhooks, and WebSDK links are generated;

  • Create a test Sumsub integration with your service using the app tokens, webhooks, and our WebSDK; 

  • Create experimentative applicant levels and customizations;

  • Explore sample analytical data.

Effectively, the sandbox view gives you an opportunity to make sure Sumsub is for you, before starting real checks.

Accessing the Sandbox Environment

Access to the sandbox view is provided as soon as the customer’s trial account has been created. 

You can switch between production and sandbox views at any moment, but only if this option has been turned on by a Sumsub manager.

Switching between real-checking (view) and the sandbox view is done from the dashboard. The username and the password are not needed to access the sandbox environment; you can switch between the views right in the dashboard. The switcher is located in the upper right corner of the screen near your profile icon. 

If you decide to trial Sumsub, post trial, your access will be limited to the sandbox view only. 

If you use the sandbox as a part of your subscription, or if you’re trialing Sumsub with card details attached, you’ll automatically move to the production mode post trial.

Limitations of the Sandbox Environment

There are limitations that you must bear in mind. They include the following:

  • No real checks are being done;

  • Billing information is not going to be available as the test checks are done for free;

  • The number of test checks provided within the trial mode is finite, though the number of users you can create isn’t.

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