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To give you more control over sensitive data and your Sumsub account, we have launched a functionality for creating custom roles. These roles determine the set of permissions for the user.

Selecting a User Role

All available user roles can be found in the ‘Roles’ tab, ‘Team’ section. The list is made up of the roles created automatically for existing Sumsub users and the roles created by you. 

Each time you add a team member by clicking ‘Add member’, you have to select a role for them. 

When you click ‘Save’, an invitation message is sent to your team member’s email.

If you haven’t yet created any roles for the accounts that existed before July 2021, you’ll be able to choose from those we have designed and automatically assigned to existing users (based on their active permissions) when we launched the functionality*. You can learn more about the permissions for each role in the description section.

*Please note that you can always change the roles assigned to your team members to your liking as described below. 




Has full access to all functionality and statistics. Can set up KYC rules and customize verification process

Compliance Officer

Can review applicant profilesapprove and decline applicants, and upload additional documents.


Can set up KYC rules and customize verification process


Creating a Custom User Role

  1. Go to the Settings tab, 'Team' section. In the Roles tab, click ‘Add new role’.


Fill in the role name and description. Choose the Source keys from the client to let your team members distinguish between the users coming from your different partners. Check the ‘See only own applicants’ box to limit your team members’ access to the applicants processed by a specific role. Choose Allowed IPs if needed. 

  1. In the left-hand menu pick the permissions for the role and click ‘Save.’ 


Managing Roles 

You can see all your team members, their roles, and activity in the ‘Members’ tab. You can filter them by name, email, role, or status.

To change a member’s role, click on the ‘More vert’ sign opposite the user’s email. 

You can also change the list of the team members the role is assigned to by clicking on the ‘More vert’ sign opposite the specific role in the ‘Roles’ tab.

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